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that was super cool, love the music :)

Thank you hayy! Glad you liked the music, I do plan on making the OST available on Bandcamp soonish!

ooh awesome i'll look out for it

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i really loved the presentation in this! i think the only problem i really had was sometimes the text strained my eyes a little with how all the blacks and greys blend together. i think it would help to have a text box, even just a slightly transparent one.

thank you tsukiko ^^

that's a great suggestion. I could add a textbox with an opacity toggle or something! I'll have a go at that when I create an updated version :)

Sleepy!  Good to see you still doing things!  I'm going to play this now.  Looks awesome!

Thank you Godline! Nice to hear from you :) I hope you enjoy! ^^

Yes, it was your usual creepy style.  I loved it.

I'm always glad when you release a game, I love your writing style so much, it's so completely unlike anything I'd ever think of but also comfortable and welcoming.

The autosave points were a good touch, thanks for those.

One small typo: Friday's should not have an apostrophe.

Hey :) Thank you so much for the comments superjamie :)

Oh yes, good catch, I will edit that one!

This was an interesting ride. I liked the art style - it took some getting used to at first, but it was really pretty, and I liked how it reflected the characters.

Thank you so much for your feedback Zelan ^^
I was hoping to add some character expressions, but due to a rather hectic March I had to forgo that for the jam!